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Digital Files vs. Prints

I’ve debated  writing this post for a while now, but it’s something I am so passionate about that I couldn’t not write it.

The photography industry rapidly changed when the world of digital was introduced to us.  It didn’t change in a bad way.  It didn’t change it a good way.  It just changed.  Personally, I love digital.  I’m definitely an instant-gratification-kinda girl, so being able to see the art I’m creating with my camera momentarily is amazing to me.  Something even more magical is seeing and feeling those images printed and framed.

Many people these days are all about the digital files, and could give a roots tootin (yes, I may have just made that up) about prints because “they can do that on their own.”  True, anybody can have their photos printed at Walmart or Walgreens, but honestly?  Their colors are so far off and the quality sub par, that it doesn’t do you justice to have them printed there.  As a client, you’re paying for professional quality photos.  Why ruin that by getting them printed somewhere that doesn’t provide that same quality?  It ruins what you invested in to begin with, and you’re doing yourself a disservice.  I’m doing you a disservice by not telling you these things, and not offering you options.  So, I’m changing that.

From a customer’s point of view, I totally understand wanting the digital files and I would never take away something I myself would want.  So starting now (in addition to a flash drive with the images) all sessions will include an in-home viewing/ordering session where I will bring samples of products that you can see and feel in person so you know the quality of what you are getting.  We will go through your photos, and I’ll help you decide exactly what prints and products you’d like.  As a professional, I want to be here to help guide you through the process and make sure you’re getting the whole experience from having your photos taken to getting them printed and displayed in your home instead of having them sit on a flash drive for years to come.  :)

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  • Mike Hansen - Well said Kasey. Thanks for posting this!

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